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  • Which smartphones work with FITT360?
    List of compatible smartphones (as of February 6, 2020) iOS iOS12 and higher Android -SAMSUNG : Galaxy S7, S8, S8+, Note8, S9, S9+, S10 5G, Note10, fold. S20, A8, A90, Fold -LG : V50 5G, X4, G6, G7, G8, V4 - Xiaomi : mi-max - Google : pixel2 -Sony: ExperiaXZ
  • Is it stitching?
    The performance of image stitching is better if the object is about 1.8m away. This is casued by the physical separation of the three cameras bulid into the FITT360. You can get better stitched image when shooting an object which is far away(or outdoor) than close ※ stitching : A technique for joining images taken with three cameras.
  • Can I use FITT360, during charging?"
    FITT360 is a wearable device. For the safety reason, it is designed to be turned off automatically or limits its functionality when it reaches to certain high temperature. Do not use the product while charging it because it may result in overheating. Therefore, the device will not work. PreviousNextList
  • Videos uploaded to social network service have low quality.
    Even if the quality of videos taken with FITT360 are high, there is a possibility for Social Media to not to support such quality on the server. The maxium quality of videos supported by social media will be different. PreviousNextList
  • Where is the product serial number?
    Open the cover on the back and you will find the serial number listed under the USB port. PreviousNextList
  • Why are videos shooted with FITT360 cut off in 4GB increments?
    As the built in memory of FITT360 is based on FAT32 file system, the maximum size of individual recording file is limited to 4GB. (recording time is about 50 minutes) With external memory formatted with the ext4 file system, it supports to record video more than 4GB.
  • FITT360 is suddenly turned off while using it.
    As the FITT360 is a wearable type camera, it is designed to be shut down automatically if the product overheats for your safety. When your FITT360 is turned off, please wait until it cools down. PreviousNextList
  • I cannot connect FITT360 with my smartphone.
    1. Press the Bluetooth button on FITT360 until the LED light blinks to activate the pairing mode. 2. Turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS functions of your smartphone. 3. The distance between FITT360 and the smartphone must be within 3 meters. 4. If you still cannot connect, press and hold the Bluetooth button more than 15 seconds to initialize the network connection, and then try again.
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